going on
i have the usual cacophony of demands and interests as any family man. i'm a father of two and husband of one very unusual and alluring young lady. our son is a typical ten year old with interests in reading, physical games, legos, magnets, matchbox cars & for some strange reason computers and computer games. he is interested in learning how to do his own website. i'll place a link here once it is finished. our four year old daughter has various interests including "reading", playing dolls, helping around the home, matchbox cars & computer games for again some strange reason.

we am currently living in the mid-west of the U.S. but have lived in many different places within the U.S. and around the world.

i really enjoy messing around with digital media. on the index page you have already found some of my creations and interests. i'll place more there as i have time to do so.

i hope you have enjoyed poking around this site. if you like this site let me know. also, if this is not your cup of tea let me know that as well. if you need a site done for you let me know.

click the little x on the upper right or the index label to return to the home page/index page whatever the term that you prefer.

shoot me a link to your sites. i'd really enjoy being able to see your web creations.

thanks again for stopping by.